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  HunamShuangfeng County Xiangyuan Jinsui harvester manufacturing Co Ltd is a subsidiary of Hunan famous high-tech enterprise "Hunan Xiangyuan Huangshi Electronics Co. Ltd ", and is a high starting point modern agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises with collection of scientific research, production and sales, which specializing in the production of the whole feed combine harvester, crawler tractor and rotary tiller. It is the first batch of enterprises approved by the State Ministry of industry in accordance with the "combine harvester and tractor industry access conditions". The company has more than 20 thousand square meters of standard factory, and advanced production and testing equipment. Companies with "integrity, pragmatic, win-win cooperation" concept, "technological innovation product launch time, customer service timely, timely service" business purposes, Efforts to build China's largest small and medium-sized combine harvester production base for the realization of agricultural mechanization, to contribute to the construction of a new socialist countryside.

      Companyp’s "Nong Jiapan" brand rice and wheat combine harvester and crawler self-propelled rotary tiller is self-developed agricultural machinery and equipment according to natural and agronomic requirements for rice and wheat growing areas. These devices have a certain degree of novelty and strong practicality, and have good quality, cost-effective, safe and easy operation, are very suitable for the vast rural areas, especially in the hilly areas of paddy fields, dry land cultivation and harvesting. “Nong Jiapan” 4LZ-0.8,4LZ-1.0A type full-feeding rice and wheat combine harvester in the domestic small and medium-sized all-in-harvester industry, its technology, performance in a leading position, and has been selected for purchase of agricultural subsidies catalog. Products sold in Hunan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Sichuan, Chongqing, Gansu, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Anhui, Shanxi, Hubei, Henan, Hainan, and other 14 provinces and cities, and sold to the southeast of Indonesia and Burma and other countries, deeply loved by the majority of users, and has become a real hope of farm products.

       In recent years, our company’s technical team together with parent company’s technical personnel in technical center of “Hunan Xiangyuan Huangshi Electronic Co. ltd”, have set up Beidou satellite navigation research and Development Group, Jointly developed a satellite navigation and positioning system (GNSS), Compass (GPS) antenna, M300 receiver, applicate these technologies in the tractor, and successfully developed an automatic navigation system to install the crawler tractor. This tractor can greatly improve the accuracy of agricultural operations to promote the efficient use of land, reduce fuel consumption, reduce labor intensity, bring greater benefits for the farmers!


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